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NETGEAR AGM732F for Gigabit Ethernet Applications


Fiber optic transceivers are one of the most useful devices in fiber optic network. These little devices allow your networking equipment to accept a wide variety of connections, without having to invest in new hardware. However, these devices (e.g. SFP/SFP+ transceivers) are also one of the most priced devices as the name-brand transceivers are usually marked up by hundreds of percent. Thus many network installers have to buy the compatible ones from OEM vendors. FS.COM's AGM731F compatible NETGEAR transceiver costs only $6, which is much lower than the price of name-brand units. It also brings better benefits along with. This article will make a brief introduction to compatible AGM731F transceiver.


AGM731F is a NETGEAR 1000BASE-SX SFP (small-form-factor) transceiver operating at a nominal wavelength of 850nm over multimode fiber. It is hot pluggable SFP transceiver module designed expressly for high-speed communication applications that require rates of up to 1.25Gbit/s. This transceiver (NETGEAR AGM731F) is compliant with the Gigabit Ethernet standard, as well as the SFP Multi-source Agreement (MSA). It provides with the LC receptacle that is compatible with the industry standard LC connector.


Reasons Why You Should Buy Things From FS.COM

Gigabit Ethernet is widely used in homes and businesses for wired computer networking. SFP optics with its smaller size and advanced transmission rate, is treated as the most cost-effective solution in 1Gigabit Ethernet application. FS.COM offers a full range of compatible SFP optics, each of the SFP optics can be fully compatible with the major brands, such as Cisco, HP, Juniper, Brocade, and so on. Besides that, here are some reasons why you should purchase compatible fiber optics from FS.COM.


  • Guaranteed Compatibility

If you have any doubts about whether a third-party transceiver can be as good as the original, let them be soothed. FS.COM's SFP transceivers are made in the same factory conditions, with the same or better quality components, that the name brand NETGEAR units use. Aside from the name on the casing, there really is no difference with ours.

Every FS.COM transceiver is fully compliant with the MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) standards which govern the creation of most network cabling and connectors. They also come with a built-in EPROM chip with all the compatible vendor information necessary, so that your NETGEAR equipment will work. And when we say guaranteed compatibility, we mean it. FS.COM's AGM731F transceivers are backed with a lifetime warranty, with product replacement if needed.

  • Fast Shipment

We keep a full range of our transceivers in-stock, ready to ship at a moment's notice. There's no need for lengthy delays waiting for shipments to be sourced and shipped. In case of emergency, same-day shipments are often possible. All you have to do is give us a call!

  • Huge Savings

The list price for NETGEAR's official AGM731F 1000BASE-SX transceiver is over four hundred dollars. With that much money, you could even buy entire new pieces of network hardware! However, FS.COM's transceiver, on the other hand, currently sells for less than a tenth of the name-brand list price. Like I point out in the above part, the compatible AGM731F is only $6 at FS.COM.

It sounds too good to be true for a value proposition in networking, but here you have it: FS.COM's own compatible NETGEAR SFP transceivers cost a fraction of what official models retail for, are guaranteed to be 100% fully compatible with NETGEAR hardware, and you get a better warrant than NETGEAR offers.


If you're still worrying about the compatibility of the third-party optics, or you think there might be trouble convincing higher-ups to accept third-party hardware. Our test program can provide evaluation units to ensure that they're fully compatible with your hardware. AGM731F or 1000BASE-SX SFP transceiver is designed to use with Gigabit networks. FS.COM provides a whole series of 1000BASE SFP transceivers with high quality to meet your requirement. In addition to 1000BASE SFP transceivers, FS.COM also offers a full range of compatible optical devices and OEM service. For more detailed information, please send your request to us.


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